Terms and Conditions


1)    Introduction and Acceptance

The conditions of sale refer to the sale or supply of fuel and oils by the “Seller” (Peace Energy Ltd) and the “Buyer” (Customer). These conditions govern all contracts entered in to by the “Seller” for the sale or supply of Fuel Products. Acceptance of the fuel products by the “Buyer” will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions to the exclusion of all other terms, conditions, and guarantees, unless they are contained in a separate agreement in writing between the “Seller” and the “Buyer”.  


2)    Payment Terms

Payment for Fuel/Oil products must be paid in full prior to receipt of the goods.


3)    Pricing

The price quoted for fuel/oil products to the “Buyer” either verbally or in writing, will be the price agreed between the “Seller” and the “Buyer” at the time of placing the order.

The price for Fuel/Oil products includes delivery costs and VAT at the current rate for specified product.


4)    Delivery of Fuels/Oils

The “Seller” will arrange for delivery of fuel/oil products which may be via a third party delivery agent, to the “Buyers” designated location as agreed with the “Seller”

The “Buyer” will ensure that all necessary safety precautions are in place and that fuel tanks are clearly defined for “Petroleum Products” and comply with current HM Government legislation.

The “buyer” will ensure that the storage tank that the delivery of fuel will be entered in to, is will have the capacity to take the quantity ordered by the “Buyer”.

The “Buyer” must notify us of any specific instructions regarding delivery of the fuel and the dispensing of the fuel before we commence delivery. This includes access restrictions for the site and the tank(s).


5)    Tank Measurement and Storage

The “Seller” will only accept a minimum order/quantity of 500 litres of fuel for any delivery.

The “Seller” cannot accept responsibility for any discrepancy of literage/levels in the “Buyers” tanks.

The quantity of Fuel delivered will be shown on the delivery note and will be conclusive proof of the amount delivered. Quantities are measured by the designated third party delivery agent’s calibrated measuring device, and will be accepted by the “Buyer” as the quantity delivered.

It is recommended that the “Buyer” at their convenience, be present at the delivery of fuel products to verify measurement.


6) Tank Purchases and Installation

All measurement specifications supplied by the “Seller” to the “Buyer” are approximate, and is only a general indication of the products offered

The “Buyer” accepts liability for the capacity and performance of the Tank as being suitable for their purpose.

Any additional products or services not included in the original order, will be charged at the “Sellers” current rates and prices.

The “Seller” will quote the “Buyer” estimated times for dispatch and completion of the order. The “Seller” will not be held liable for any failure of compliance.

The “Seller will request full payment of the order and any additional charges from the “Buyer” on their receipt of invoice.

The “Seller” can recommend an OFTEC registered Engineer to the “Buyer” if requested. The “Buyer” will be asked to deal with the OFTEC Engineer direct, and at no point is the “Seller” liable for products or services supplied by the OFTEC Engineer.   

The “Buyer” will ensure that provision for the tank to be offloaded from the delivery vehicle is made, and in accordance with standard Health and Safety regulations.


7) Returns Policy

Under UK and European Law, the “Buyer” has the right to cancel an order from the “Seller”, within 7 working days, once the order has been completed. If the “Buyer” wants to return a product and cancel an order, they must contact the “Seller” within this period to make arrangements for the goods to be returned.

The “Buyer” must ensure that the goods whilst in their possession, are kept in a good condition and unused, and will be fit for resale by the “Seller”.


8) Disputes

The “Buyer” is responsible for notifying the “seller” within 48 hours from delivery of any dispute regarding the order.

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